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55KG Automatic Tumble Dryer

Automatic Tumble Dryer Details:
*Computer control, with automatic programs and manual programs for choice. 

*With on, off and temperature automatic shifting function .Improve heat efficiency

*It is available to set the temperature and drying time by will. 

*Heavy-duty drive and door system to make the machine run at low noise and steadily.

*Four heating models for choice: electric heating ,steam heating ,LPG gas heating ,natural gas heating.

55KG Automatic Tumble Dryer :  


    This kind of drying equipment - automatic drying machine has the advantages of simple structure, novel shape, with a durable,low failure rate, convenient operation, low price in the machine, is a kind of high efficient washing equipment, 
suitable for all kinds of cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber fabrics and widely used in laundry, laundry shop, laundry plant, hotel, troops, bleaching and dyeing factory,we are a large and medium-sized enterprises and service industries.
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