How to manager Industrial washing machine day work
Column:Company news Time:2017-05-08
with the improvement of people's life, the need for manual operation of the washing machine industry not only to save the times, but also clean the clothes more soften.

    1 now, with the improvement of people's life, the need for manual operation of the washing machine industry has not kept up with the pace of the times, and now the laundry exposed problems are very serious, laundry and lack of funds and management confusion, the laundry room work is not done, no strict management practices for laundry, laundry inside the staff to do, is to do well the work at hand. Originally the laundry inside the working efficiency is not high, coupled with the staff of dereliction of duty, now the laundry more and more not grade, so the need for more advanced equipment need extra tasks, you can consider the type of automatic industrial washing machine with high quality, this kind of washing machine can be automatic operation, manual operation is not needed in the washing before completion, in order to adapt to the people For the pursuit of high efficiency in washing, experts recommend the following methods to meet the needs of washing

    2, daily when washing using industrial washing machine, washing the finished fabric, be sure to check the good fabric is clean, clean is not only to see the appearance is clean, but also the inside is clean, clean refers to whether there is health situation, because industrial laundry washing machine fabric is chaotic, also more complex, eat, use, hospital and so on, so the scientific washing clothes, we had better classify industrial washing machine after washing. Certainly, the existence of these fabric remaining bacteria, so we are on before washing fabrics can be sterilized or disinfected in after the industrial washing machine.

    3, for industrial washing machine washing clothes, washing powder has been completely replaced, washing powder washing out of clothes will feel stiff, wear is not comfortable in the body, choose the best detergent with softener, so washing out of something in your hand to touch will feel soft.