How to set the washing procedures?
Column:Company news Time:2017-05-24
there have 5 process to washing machine, many program will set down in factory by professional energe,but if custom have some idea , we can set down for you.

    1.Pre classification. Proper classification and sorting according to usage requirements and degree of fouling
   2.The load. Ensure the washing machine is not overloaded, ideally, weigh the weights in front of the machine, to observe the operation of the washing machine industry, linen washing tumbling is normal.
    3.Washing procedures. Ensure that employees are washed in accordance with the washing procedures, especially in non automatic washing machines. The spoon and gauge are easy to bind the detergent, so that the amount of raw material used is inaccurate.

    4.Correct dehydration time. For chemical fiber fabric, the proper dehydration time is 3 to 5min. Terry fabric and other 1% cotton fabrics may need 8 ~ 12min.

    5.If the effect was good in all aspects of inspection, chemicals and temperature test did not show any potential problems, generally do not in the "equipment and procedures" to spend too much time, washing effect, operation is clearly given good, check your analysis confirmed the correct method of washing.

   If you observe or chemical tests showed bad effects or potential problems, then the equipment and procedures to check should be more careful, take a longer time. If the washing effect is good, you should also regularly (every three months) with a little time, carefully check every detail check, each water level and temperature, to ensure the normal drainage from the closed valve, automatic program timer is working, the other should carefully check the pre classification, installed, folding procedures.