Washing problem of down garments
Column:Company news Time:2017-06-12
How to use the industrial or commercial washing equipment to wash the down garments ?

    Down clothing fabrics, most made of nylon silk or polyester cotton fabric, the fabric structure closely, better of closed down. Most of the dirt attached to the surface and can not enter the interior, so the wetting in washing is difficult, therefore, before washing to pre soak. The water temperature is not too high, to prevent the emergence of wrinkles industrial bleaching, soaked until now.
   The detergency strong detergent, soaked the clothes into the washing machine into the leather cleaning agent (PQA), which can prevent the watermark, wash for 20 minutes, the water temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. After washing clothes in the washing out and tile board, wash it with a soft brush. His clothes, face brush and then put in the net washing machine 3 - 5 minutes, wash with warm water after washing two times, rinse with cold water once, then acetic acid treatment was used for a while, bath towel wrapped in dehydration dehydration. After dehydration, the clothes will shake up, first with a dry machine to play down loose, hang Yin dry, loose in the dryer, to restore the original state.