How to troubleshoot industrial washing machine security risks?
Column:Industry news Time:2017-06-14
Laundry equipment are made of motor devices, so when we use and operate these the equipment should pay attention to some of the security risks.

With the rapid development of industry and information technology, many service industries are equipped with their own laundry, compared some large hotels, hotels, hospitals, factories and other large areas have placed their own laundry, laundry equipment are made of electric devices, and these devices are high power electrical appliances so, when we use and operation of these devices must pay attention to some of the security risks. Today by the Foshan clean machine emperor industrial washing machine factory technical Xiaobian for everyone to talk about hospitals and hotels, the hotel laundry safety problem.

    1, The hospital in the laundry room, the most important is the role of disinfection, we need the industrial washing machine so far away from patients and doctors, this is a must, in order to avoid the patients in the hospital infection occurred two times, in our time of its use, first should use industrial washing machine to check whether the hospital there are some food to prevent the leakage phenomenon, resulting in industrial washing machine leakage, this is dangerous, this time the first time we should carry off treatment, therefore, we should be installed in the personnel location, to avoid accidents.

   2, At the Gaestgiveriet Hotel in the laundry room, we need to rule out is the industrial washing machine on the installation position is reasonable, and is not blocked the use of secure channels, such as the hotel, the hotel staff intensive, we need the electricity, water consumption of the investigation. As the industrial washing machine this power must separate themselves go a line, so that it can guarantee the safe enough, so that we understand that only such investigation, industrial washing machine operation is the most safe and reliable, can guarantee the effective operation, also is for some parts the industrial washing machine inspection, here I will not say in detail for everybody.

   3, We know that security measures only the rational investigation of industrial washing machine, it can bring us a most safe feeling, but not because of what our own situation and industrial washing machine safety reason, that is we need to explain, is when we in the investigation of industrial washing machine the need to pay attention to the surrounding environment, and we such industrial washing machine is needed in dry and ventilated place, rather than to the humid environment, this is we need to pay attention to the

   4, For all of us, whether you are in what place, want to use of industrial washing machine, is to carry out safety checks, so that it can guarantee we can use safety, so as to let us have a rest assured of qualified products, and we in the industrial washing machine is different for different areas the safety investigation work is basically is roughly the same, this is what we must do, although this is a small thing, but if this kind of industrial washing machine in casual time security risks, so that we The loss outweighs the gain. for us, and we must to know how to do this thing, can fully guarantee the safe and reliable operation.

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